Friday, April 22, 2011

Too Nice Or Just Stupid?

I've realized I'm being TOO nice towards people who step on my head every now and then.
Is it right for me to stand up on my opinion once in a while rather than having foot mark on my face?
I guess it IS a right thing to do.
But I still have other complications as well.
They are my DEARLY friends.
Maybe not CLOSE nor BEST friends.
But friend will always be friend.
They back stabbed me,by telling lies to people who actually matters to me.
I mean, W T F right?
So,I didn't get mad at them because of that.
I told to my friends it's all lies and tell them the truths.
That person then knew.
He got mad at me because of it.
oh wow,I'm suprised.
Why would he be mad if I told them the truths?
He cuss me out for that.
I'm done !
No more miss-goodie-two-shoes.
You look for trouble? You going to get the trouble !
I'll send it right in front of your door <3
Thank you !

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