Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Roleplaying or Real Life ?

If you ask me,I would certainly said 'real life'.
Thus,why do people love roleplaying.
I admit,I love roleplaying as those anime freak out there.
But no no,I'm not an anime freak.
I can see lots of good parts in roleplaying.
Which you can be someone else and make a story out of them.
Or even roleplaying as the movie star such Edward Cullen,Harry Potter
and the one role captured me was Jack Sparrow !
How cool is that?
It was fun,I mean. Even if it isn't THE Jack Sparrow.
Having to roleplay with the role giving me ultimate satisfaction
Literacy? Most noobs use no literacy while roleplaying thus making it dull.
I prefer to use more paragraph to roleplay.
3 to 8 paragraph with at least 5 line in each paragraph.
I can challenge myself making a better essay than the one in school homework.
Story story story.
As long as you have creative idea in mind.
You can create your world in roleplaying.
That's why I love it.

This is one of the starter I've made. :P
It's not that good.
I'm still lack in vocabulary and verbs.

: The sky of the morning was so bright as the sun shines,with the dew reflecting the sunshine into the air. The garden of the school looks like a life stage and a small figure of a lass was in the middle of the stage-looks-like rose garden. It's the first day of school for the semester,January. A wonderful start of the year that is. The lass walk over to a bench in the middle of the garden as she threw her gaze to the busy streets with vehicles rushing to their workplace. She could have been mistaken as one of the students there if she was wearing one of their uniforms. She was there,trespassing and amused with the roses of the garden. Even though she decide on going to her workplace as soon as the first student arrive,it is early still for the school time to begin with.;
: Taking a deep breath of contentment,the girl lift her head up causing her long scarlet hair to fall from her shoulder yet making her crimson eyes shines. The scent of the flowers around her is one of the figures she don't like yet she find herself surrounded by the color of red was calming and intriguing. Slowly,she force herself to stood up by pushing the bench by her hand and swaying her body front lazily. Now that she stood up,slowly she walk towards the gate of the school. The gate was no longer locked,figured there must be someone whom already reach the school in the morning. Whether it's the teacher or the guard. At least she doesn't have to jump over any gate that morning. She walk out of the gate with a smile on her face as she saw students start passing by her.;
: The air of that morning was cold enough for a human like her yet there was no expression on her face,nothing. Not  a single sign of coldness that very moment. The clothes she wear was thin,enough to freeze her but somehow she could handle the coldness. Slowly heading to the street,she felt a sense of sharp pain from behind her head thus she lean her body to the wall of the school. Leaning by her side,she runs her hand through her hair before it was on a scar. A large scar that was covered by her hair. As she pressed the scar with her index finger,a flash of memory was played along with pains. It's been the same,the memory. A figure of a lady with a baby on her arm keep being played over and over.'Who is that person?'. The question that been lingering in her mind the first moment she get that vision. She lift her head up looking at the students who were watching her. Now she just realized that she was shivering and sweating.;

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