Saturday, March 5, 2011

T.J.P < / 3

When we first broke up.
I declared 'I regret meeting you.'
Knowing it was a lie made by me to ensure my heart that you wasn't that important.
But that is bullshit. You're not important ?
You made me laugh,smile and let me taste the flavor of happiness.
How could I ever regretting you ?
I remember the times when we are still together.
I bully you. And you were so afraid if I leave you.
But now,you left me.
I know everything was my fault.
I plead you to stay.
I threw away my dignity and beg you not to leave me.
But you did.
 I once promised you that you'll always be in my heart.
It wasn't a lie.
It's been few years now,but you are always there in my heart.
At first,I thought you never love me.
But.. when you're about to leave.
You say something that shocked me.
You told me everything that I told you when we were together.
You remember every single one of it.
In my thought 'so,you didn't take lightly of me. I'm glad.'
 Even though you're leaving.
I still feel glad that at least I am someone to you.
 Did you know. 
My biggest mistake I've ever made is that I cheated on you.
I hurt you badly.
You don't deserve it.
I'm deeply sorry for what I did.
Until now,you don't believe me.
I knew it.
From your reaction when I talked to boys.
You called me backstabber once.
From that moment,everything changed.
Now,you don't want me to love you.
How could I?
I promise you that I wont love you anymore.
It was a lie.
I will always love you.
But I'll get over you.
I never regret the years when we were together.
I love it.
 It still manage to make me smile now.
Even though the pain in the end hurts.
And the tears drop to the earth each times.
I never regret.
You're the best thing that ever happen to me.
I hope,you're happy with your life and your family.
and also your loved one.

as friends or more ! :)
Be glad that I am.
xoxo - moon <3

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